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  • Himalayan Salt Massage Roller

Himalayan Salt Massage Roller


The Himalayan Salt Massage Roller is the perfect addition to your spa. Gently use the massage roller along the spine to relieve stress, energize the pressure points, and allow the healing properties of the mineral rich salt to work. Roll the massage roller on the floor with your foot to relieve foot pain.


Relax Sore Muscle – Relieve Stress

Energize Pressure Points


A Himalayan Salt Massage Roller can last many years, longer in dryer climates, less in moist climates, however, if properly sealed from humid air they can last longer in those climates as well.


Himalayan bath sea salt helps remove dead skin cells and replenishes essential vitamins to the skin, promoting clearer skin with a healthy glow.  This 250 milllion year old salt contains more than 84 essential minerals.

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