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  • Aromafume Frankincense Perfume Oil

Aromafume Frankincense Perfume Oil


Apply to induce: Relaxation, Positivity, Calm, and Grounding

Scent Profile: Woody, Sweet, and Citrus Lemon

Frankincense is a biblically significant hardened gum-like material (resin) that comes from the Boswellia Species of tree. Boswelia Carterii, native to Africa and Boswelia Serrata, native to India – are the dominant species used in our blends. Frankincense helps soothe the senses, calm depression and reduce anxiety. Aromafume’s Frankincense Resin Essential Oil Blend Roll On Blend is carefully blended with Therapeutic Grade essential oils and charged with natural resin extracts. The aroma of Frankincense possesses powerful vibrational energy that serves as an emotional detox.

The rich aroma of the blend is very relaxing. Its deep, resinous aroma creates an aura for rituals and prayer!

Use this as a roll-on on your wrist and pulse points. Aromafume Essential Oil Roll On Blends are traditionally prepared using sustainably sourced natural Resins for their aromatic and cleansing properties.

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