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  • Black Tourmaline & Green Jade Bracelet

Black Tourmaline & Green Jade Bracelet


8mm & 10mm gemstone beads.


* Grounding & Protection.

* Tranquility, Wisdom & Growth


Black Tourmaline:

Represent purification and the cleansing of the emotional body. In other words, the stone can rid the mind of any negative energies and thoughts like anxiety, anger and feelings of worthlessness.

Black tourmaline’s meaning is quite significant. These gemstones are also seen as a symbol of strength. Some  believe that Black tourmaline crystals can help give its bearer the inner strength they need to overcome substance abuse. It helps to rid them of thoughts and behaviours that may potentially be harmful, such as obsessive compulsions and excessive worry.


Green Jade:

Is believed to have several benefits, including increasing fortune, grounding, and enhancing maturity in relationships.


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