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  • Hanging Hamsa Hand with Evil Eye Decor

Hanging Hamsa Hand with Evil Eye Decor

95٫00R سعر عادي
85٫50Rسعر البيع

This stunning piece can be used as a pendant, home decor, keychain decor and more. It also comes with a blue leather thong.


Meaning of the Hamsa hand:

The Hand (Khamsa), particularly the open right hand, is a sign of protection that also represents blessings, power and strength, and is seen as potent in deflecting the evil eye.


The evil eye is a curse from Greek culture that has been passed through many decades and still exists today. It states that when someone is envious of you, they'll have the power to give you an 'evil glare' and send bad luck your way.

Due to this belief, protection from the evil eye is something that many people actively sought after. This is why, in today's times, people use evil eye jewellery as a symbol of protection against bad luck.



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