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Updated: Jun 9, 2022

A Guide to Healing Stones Part 1 - Everything you need to know about Crystals & Minerals and how to use them!

There are several types of crystals out there, believed that they have healing abilities for the mind, body and soul - Many ancient cultures such as Egypt, Greece, and China — believed that crystals have healing properties

Rocks and minerals are vital in consumer electronics like screens, radios, and clocks. Crystal healers apply their energetic properties with practices that long predate their use in technology, used to work through energy blockages and reconnect with the natural world.

A crystal grid can have many configurations of healing stones and crystals - Such as abundance, love, health, grounding or chakra grids. These could create a standing Hertizan wave that vibrates the discordant energy to the surface to be read and cleared.


Crystals for Health, Wealth and Love

Types of Healing Crystals and their Lore


Crystals for Health

  • Clear quartz: a clear quartz considered a master stone for healing and believed to support the entire energy system

  • Jasper: a nurturing stone said to provide support during times of stress

  • Obsidian: believed to help process emotions, experiences and aid in letting go

  • Amethyst: used for healing, purifying and enhancing willpower

  • Bloodstone: said to improve circulation and provide support to blood-related issues

Crystals for Wealth

  • Tiger’s eye: said to provide motivation and lessen fear

  • Citrine: believed to spark enthusiasm, creativity and concentration

  • Turquoise: thought to soothe emotions and attract good luck

  • Sapphire: known as a stone of prosperity

  • Jade: well-known stone for prosperity and luck

Crystals for Love

  • Rose quartz: sometimes referred to as the stone of love, happiness and believed to encourage love and trust

  • Moonstone: said to prompt feelings of inner strength and growth

  • Ruby: believed to support sexuality and sensuality


Do you want for information on crystal lore? Get the details below..

Clear Quartz - Protection, Problem Solving, Aural Cleansing, Charging Other Crystals, Supports Immune System & Pineal Gland, All Chakras

Rose Quartz -Love, Forgiveness, Heart Opening & Releasing, Supports Circulation, Heart Chakra

Smoky Quartz - Aural Cleansing, Grounding, Detoxifying, Absorbs Negativity, Encourages Humour, Base & Earth Star Chakra

Citrine - Attracts Wealth & Prosperity, Calms Stomach & Digestion, Crown & Solar Plexus Chakras

Amethyst - Energy Protection, Stress Reduction, Mood Regulation, Crown Chakra

Garnet - Balances Love & Passion, Good Luck, Business Success, Base Chakra

Ruby - Goal Setting, Love, Passion, Stimulates Circulation, Heart & Base Chakra

Diamond - Strength, Fortitude, Good Luck, Protection, Fidelity, All Chakras

Opal - Love, Inner Peace, Communication, Loyalty, Faithfulness, Throat Chakra

Moonstone - Calms Stomach, Protected Travel, Karmic Healing, Communication, Joy

Labradorite - Energy Protection, Spiritual Alignment, Rational & Intuitive Wisdom

Golden Topaz - Reveals Life Purpose, Recharging, Overcoming Nervous Exhaustion

Blue Topaz - Finding True Life Path, Clear Communication, Humility, Throat Chakra

Turquoise - Stress & Pain Reduction, Letting Go, Freedom, Strength, Safe Travels

Aquamarine - Good Luck, Ocean Travel, Cooling, Calming, Introspection, Throat Chakra

Emerald - Youth, Hope, Renewal, Growth, Helps alleviate Emotional Distress, Heart Chakra

Pink Tourmaline - Heart Activation, Feminine Energy, Base & Heart Chakras

Black Tourmaline - Energetic Protection, Absorbs Negativity, Shields from Electronic Emanations

Calcite - Fear Mitigation, Soothes Nausea & Stomach Pain, Reduces Anxiety

Desert Rose (Sand Selenite) - Energy Scrubbing, Protection, Overcoming Fears & Phobias, Self Confidence

Selenite - High Frequency Connection, Grounding, Attracts Divine Energy, Defines Purpose

Hematite - Calming, Grounding, Confidence Boosting, Soothes Insomnia & Blood Disorders

Obsidian - Grounding, Confronting Inner Demons & Dark Truths, Earth Star Chakra

Rhodochrosite - Heart Activation, Unconditional Love, Peace, Tenderness, Compassion, Healing Joy

Malachite - Energetic Clearing, Reduces Swelling & Inflammation, Detoxification, Breaks Past Cycles

Amber - Space Clearing, Energy Protection, Stress Reduction, Physical Alignment

Carnelian - Energy Boosting, Stimulating, Charging Other Crystals, Supports Reproductive Organs

Tiger's Eye - Abundance, Knowledge, Vision, Courage, Integrity, Power

Fluorite - Shields from Electronic Emanations, Psychological Protection, Clarity, Creativity, Communication

Lapis Lazuli - Soothes Migraines, Calming, Sedate Energy

Bloodstone - Patience, Protection, Restful Sleep, Immune & Lymphatic Stimulation, Aural Cleansing, Base & Heart Chakra

Agate - Centering, Calming, Self-Acceptance, Harmony & Crown Chakra

​Blue Lace Agate - Cooling & Calming Energy, Self Confidence, Communication, Supports Nervous System

Jasper - Aural Cleansing, Problem Solving, Organization, Imagination


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