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  • Ametrine



The ametrine stone is golden yellow and purple, something that happens when citrine and amethyst stones come into contact to form one crystal. This also gives the stone its name, derived from Amethyst and Citrine. It is also referred to as bolivianite, trystine, bicolor quartz, bicolor amethyst, and amethyst-citrine.


Benefits And Healing Properties Of Ametrine


The balance of amethyst and citrine present in the stone work together to promote harmony and restore imbalances that may leave you feeling drained in body, mind, and spirit. Many believe this stone is particularly beneficial to individuals feeling stressed or emotional. It provides support where needed and helps you on your journey to a more successful life.


Focusing on the yellow color of the stone, it’s believed to help you unleash your creativity and intuition. So, if you’re looking to restore balance and focus, look for an ametrine with more purple. If you’re looking to harness your creativity, look for an ametrine with more yellow.


Each stone is classified as Large between 2.5cm to 4cm

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