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  • Birthstone Angel - February - Amethyst

Birthstone Angel - February - Amethyst


February -  Angels of  Amethyst instill a sense of peace and tranquility in your life.  Keep this angel with you always for added protection and comfort.


Birthstone Angels are thought to be remnants of roman goddess, Aeternitas’ frozen breath. Her breath was fused into crystal by the light of the stars before falling to Earth. These angels are made from synthetic crystals.


Each 3cm x 2.5cm Crystal angel is attached to a neckchain for easy hanging on your Christmas tree, in your car, home or work space.  The following description is on the back of the angel box:

Birthstone Angels are thought to be pieces of Aeternitas’ breath that did not remain frozen in time before falling to Earth. Instead, they were fused into their shape by the light of the stars. These crystals are believed to be protectors; they carry our wishes out through the night.

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