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  • Dragons Blood Resin Incense

Dragons Blood Resin Incense


About this item

  • This is a bundled product that includes 30g Hem brand Dragons Blood incense resin and Trumiri brand steel mesh.
  • Our Dragons Blood resin incense is 100% natural tree sap gum extract ethically sourced from forests where these trees grow and thrive naturally in abundance.
  • The pack contains 30g Resin that would last several weeks depending on how much and how often you use it. Typically a couple pea size resin pieces are good enough for a small room.
  • The most common way to use resin incense is to burn it on a piece of charcoal. However, if you want a more subtle and longer lasting fragrance, we suggest you crush the resin and heat it in oil diffuser with some unscented oil.
  • Resin incenses have been used for ages in almost all cultures and religions across the world for removal of negative energies. It also creates a soothing relaxing and calming atmosphere appropriate for meditation, prayers and yoga.


ScentTree Gum
Product BenefitsSoothing,Relaxing
Item Length0.7 inches
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