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  • Foot & Heel Balm (Soy Lites) 125ml

Foot & Heel Balm (Soy Lites) 125ml


Say goodbye to cracked heels and dry, chapped feet! Our latest addition to the balm range is more yummy and nourishing than ever and made with a simple but effective formulation including Kalahari Melon oil, organic coconut oil and  unrefined Shea Butter.

This nourishing balm will keep your feet feeling soft and smelling fresh all day.

With Peppermint, Orange and Tea Tree oil, the Foot and Heel Balm also has anti-fungal and anti-septic properties. 

Simple body care for everyday use. 


Our 100% natural range of Soy Butter Balms contain unique combinations of botanical oils formulated for a range of applications. The balm texture on application is soft, smooth and begins to melt in response to your warm skin, with excellent skin absorption. 

From dry hands, to sore muscles, a need for soothing or to repel pesky insects, our balms will leave your skin feeling pampered, nourished and protected.

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