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  • Good Morning - Aroma Butter Bar (Soy Lites)

Good Morning - Aroma Butter Bar (Soy Lites)


Good Morning! – Start your day with this delicious combination of Creamy Vanilla, Sweet Orange and real coffee beans imbedded in the bar. The coffee beans will omit their fragrance when you rub the bar on your skin, and together with the vanilla and orange, your skin will be off to a nourishing and revived start to the day.


Used on dry skin, the Aroma Butter Bar is a solid, dry lotion bar made with fresh botanical oils and created to be a handy and versatile hand and body moisturising product. Formulated to respond to the temperature of your skin, the butter bar has a novel application quality that will nourish and smooth your skin, without leaving messy and greasy residues. With a unique combination of unrefined coco butter, shea butter and soy wax, and blended with aromatherapy oils for a fragrant experience, the Aroma Butter Bar not only feels delightful on your skin, but also delivers effective and immediate results.

To use, simply hold the butter bar in both hands and begin to rub. The bar will respond to the temperature of your skin and begin to slowly melt, leaving a film of nourishing oil on your hands. Once you have transferred enough oil onto your hands, replace the bar into its metal container to maintain freshness. Gently rub the moisturising botanicals into your hands or anywhere on your body where nourishment is required.

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