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  • Himalayan Salt Bar Soap

Himalayan Salt Bar Soap


How to Use a Himalayan Crystal Salt Bar

1.Place the salt bar directly on damp skin or in a soft/muslin cloth if you have sensitive skin.

2.Rub bar in a circular motion on your body

3.Let the salt dry on your skin, do not wash off. Rub off access once it’s dry.

4.Do not use any creams after applying the salt bar to your skin, but if your skin is dry you            can use an organic oil of your choice.



Wash and dry area to be covered. Wet deodorant stone and wipe over area thoroughly. Dry the stone and place it in a suitable receptacle. 


For best results keep the bar as dry as possible so that it doesn’t deteriorate (it’s salt, so when wet it will dissolve!)  This will prevent sharp edges for forming. It’s recommended to use a crystal salt bar immediately post shower and only once per day and completely avoiding use  with regular soap or on broken skin. And remember that even though this it is called a “soap” it will not produce a lather!


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