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  • I am Light Walker Cards & Journal
  • I am Light Walker Cards & Journal
  • I am Light Walker Cards & Journal

I am Light Walker Cards & Journal


Welcome by Taryn Sydow - Author of the Deck


Congratulations, you are a very brave soul. Buying this deck of cards means that you are willing to connect to your light and learn about yourself in new ways. This deck of cards is a tool to get to know yourself better. Self-awareness is the first step to growth and empowerment. By using these cards, you are opening up to exploring the depths of your heart, mind, body and soul.


These cards were the tools that I have used through my own personal journey of spiritual growth. The cards were channeled as I went through a major personal transformation and each card provided me with he lesson, insights and wisdom at that stage of  my journey. I never knew what the cards would be used for, I just knew they supported me and so I kept drawing them and working with them. After 2 1/2 years, I suddenly realised I had a deck of cards and the guidance I got was to start using them to support other people and so the first deck of cards was created. A very rudimentary photocopy of each of my drawings onto photo paper :)


So many people loved the cards and started to ask for them and that translated into an upgraded version, which you have the wonderful opportunity of working with. The intention is that you get to work with these cards intimately and that you develop a language and connection with your intuition and divinity with the prompts. The cards hold the vibration of truth and healing and so each one will “speak to you” personally in the way that is relevant and appropriate to you.


For this reason, you will not find a written explanation of each card. That will keep you separate from learning about yourself. The cards come with a journal so you can explore the personal meaning to you.


My hope is that these cards introduce you to the hidden wisdom if your intuition and guide you to the most amazing connection with yourself. Indeed we are all our own healers and these cards hold the magic to learn and grow. I have been blessed by working with these every day. I trust you will find the magic of you in them too.


In this supplementary tool, you will find a video for each card (we are still busy editing and uploading the final videos so please bear with us as we do this. We will also continuously add additional tools and information so this will become a rich support tool for you in this journey.


Enjoy the journey

Love Taryn

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