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  • Kunzite Bracelet

Kunzite Bracelet

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Kunzite has earned the nickname of the “evening stone” because of its sensitivity to light, making it the perfect piece of jewelry to wear in the evening or at night.

Kunzite is a glassy stone that is naturally pale pink in color. It can also be found in colorless form and in lilac and yellowish green varieties. It forms in a naturally flat shape with vertical striations. The colorless version is also known as Spodumene. The pink style of Kunzite associated with the meaning of love and devotion.


Kunzite is doused in feminine energy and so many high vibrations it positively hums. It’s a stone known for being incredibly effective at clearing emotional blockages, especially when it comes to the heart.

Anyone who is struggling to adjust to changes in life or those who are suffering the blow of a new separation or any situation that has caused them to become stuck in low vibrations, by calling on the power of the Kunzite Stone you can clear those traumas away and make space for inner peace, self-love,  and harmony to shine.


8mm Round Gemstone Beads.

Size - Medium, Large

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