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  • Septarian Gallet Palm Stone
  • Septarian Gallet Palm Stone

Septarian Gallet Palm Stone


The word septarian comes from the Latin word "septum," meaning "partition."Septarian nodules contain angular cavities as a result of cracking, which are called septaria and create divisions throughout the stone. These unique septaria can be any length and each septarian can have many different cracks.



Septarian, also called Dragon Stone, is a wonderful stone to wear or carry to speak in public, as it gives us confidence and allows us to gain the attention of an audience. A grounding stone, Septarian allows for better tolerance and patience, as well as emotional flexibility.

 Septarian absorbs energy when held over a period of time, and transmits that energy into strength when needed.

Septarian opens,  and activates the Root Chakra. It is associated to the steady persistence of Taurus.

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