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  • The Animal Wisdom Tarot
  • The Animal Wisdom Tarot

The Animal Wisdom Tarot


Brand New - Sealed Deck



If you're a fan of Disney and love Lady and The Tramp, the Animal Wisdom Tarot deck might be the one for you. This deck follows on nicely from last weeks review of the cute and cuddly Tarot of the Magical Forest. The Animal Wisdom Tarot is another deck with sweet animals, this time they are a bit like an animated film version and you almost expect them to speak with a Hollywood celebrity's voice. It is a lovely colourful deck and very reasonably priced and easy to get a hold of. So if you're in the market for an animal deck here is what's good and what's not. 

What's Good?

  • Non-scary animal images in beautiful rainbow colours
  • Borderless cards with reversible backs 
  • A 95 page full-colour guidebook that explains the energy of each animal and why it has been chosen for the card


Stand Out Cards

From the Majors, the Rooster and the Rabbit were just too cute. The Whale is also a chosen mammal in another deck (the Naked Heart) and although in this deck most of the animals are much sweeter, the whale is probably the most natural of all the images.

The names of the suits in the Minor Arcana have been changed and here Branches represent what would traditionally be the Wands. The Tiger is magnificent as the Guardian (King) but the range of colours in the other cards are what really elevate this suit from the usual overload of oranges and reds.  

The suit of Feathers (Swords) is overall a colder feel with a blue palette. The pig stuck with ten feathers is less blood-drenched than many 10 of Swords cards but that vulture really is menacing so conveys the message of the card well. 


This is the best deck for…those who like colour and character in their animals.

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