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  • Red Aventurine - Wishing Stone

Red Aventurine - Wishing Stone


Red Aventurine gemstones amplify energy, these red gems revitalize and renew. They encourage you to take on challenges that will boost confidence and will power.


Red Aventurine balances masculine and feminine energies. These are stones of finance and prosperity.While it is often labelled as “red”, this type of Aventurine is really orange in colour. This makes it both useful as a base and sacral chakra stone, alleviating issues in both areas. Use this stone to attract wealth, vitality, protection, and desire as necessary.


Size: Large  30mm x 40mm


How To Use


We recommend keeping the stone in your home or on your office or you may place it in an area where you may need some extra energy.


What Else You Need To Know


Each crystal carries uniques characteristics including but not limited to color, shape, weight and/or size.

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