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  • Red Tigers Eye - Protection & Grounded Balance Stone

Red Tigers Eye - Protection & Grounded Balance Stone


Red Tiger Eye can enhance confidence and self-esteem. It helps provide motivation. Red Tiger's Eye can assist with staying relaxed and centred when surrounded by chaos. Red Tiger's Eye Stones can awaken latent talents. Red Tiger's Eye is a balancing stone.


This is a perfect stone to place in crystal grids due to it commonly being in large, tumbled pieces. People commonly forget that Tiger Eye is a member of the Quartz family and is naturally very strong. 


Meditate with this stone over the stomach (solar plexus chakra) and allow it to aid you in your manifestations and desires. This stone will help push you into action, and provide laser sharp focus, drive, determination and strength to get things done. It's the perfect stone to carry when tasked with long projects and will assist in keeping the mind focused on the task at hand and not getting easily distracted.


Size:  Large 40mm x 20mm


How To Use


We recommend keeping the stone in your home or on your office or you may place it in an area where you may need some extra energy.


What Else You Need To Know


Each crystal carries uniques characteristics including but not limited to color, shape, weight and/or size.

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