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  • White Himalayan Salt Lamp (2 - 3kg)

White Himalayan Salt Lamp (2 - 3kg)


White Natural Rock Salt Lamp.


Please note: Every lamp is unique, ranging from a light white to a deep white, emitting an amber glow that reflects their superior mineral content: reds from iron, oranges from copper, yellows from magnesium. It is impossible to match the lamps to pictures. 

Each lamp comes with beautiful cherry wood base, along with UL & CE approved electrical cord, 15 watt (Taiwan made) bulb, gift box with care instructions.


***Replacement bulb (15w Pygmy bulb) can be purchased from any hardware store or from us.


-Natural Air Purifier
-Negative Ion Generator
-Anti Anxiety


It is best to leave a lamp on 24/7/365 to avoiding weeping (Air condensation against a cold surface that causes salt to slowly dissolve and surface to become sticky). They work best when left on allowing the lamp to heat up and release negative ions into the surrounding air. The rock emits a low, non intrusive light that makes this possible and requires minimal electricity to make this possible.


NB:  Confirm availability before making payment.

         Each lamp weighs between the weight you have chosen

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